Marcus Hiles Explains the Role of Texas in America’s Booming Economy

U.S. has obtained over $166 billion in capital investments in 2015, which is a ten percent gain from the previous year. As almost a third of the revenue comes from Texas, Dallas based real estate investor Marcus Hiles affirms that his state has not only offered the possibility for continuous long-term economic growth, but has also become a critical part to the successes of the American economy. As Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, Hiles has scanned the market for more than thirty years in the attempt of making notable, planned property acquisitions. Also, U.S. capital investment rose $16 billion from 2014; as per a report from multinational firm Ernst & Young. Texas made $48.3 billion in business financing and stood first in the country, and the Gulf Coast states who are usually expected leaders in the energy industry, pulled the highest number of investors for the fifth year in a row. Forty percent of the funds were disseminated to chemical manufacturing facilities, and seventy percent of those were new, liquefied natural gas export compounds. Texas also performed well in the financial, technology, and professional service fields, as proven by their 38,400 mobile project jobs, the greatest in the nation.

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Marcus Hiles Has Knowledge of the Latest Trends in Architecture and Styles

Eminent real estate developer Marcus Hiles has been creating grand communities across Texas for the last thirty years. His goal of creating plush homes combined with his exhaustive knowledge of design trends and sought-after styles has led to his major success in the real estate space. These developments have created an impact on customers expect from room partitions, exteriors and even the possible utilities of homes themselves: radical inventions in architecture have led to net-zero energy buildings that combine total energy consumption with the amount of renewable energy they create. Passive and active houses provide dual energy conservation processes for inhibiting all heating and cooling bills. Other than this vital improvement in construction methods, these changes are bringing more ease, space and light into today’s living spaces and modernizing the way we live.

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Marcus Hiles - Showcases the Advantages of Rental Living in Dallas

Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York are not just among the ten biggest metropolises in the nation. One of the real estate developers in Texas known as Marcus Hiles says that the three locales contain greater number of renting citizens than house owners. In fact, rental housing in Dallas encompass 55.9 percent of its households. Home ownership is getting obsolete as tenancy rises in popularity around the country; the anticipated annual growth of renters’ population through 2023 is half a million. Renters actually spend less when it comes to housing expenses compared to homeowners. The problem with buying a home is the owner will have to cover the higher utility payments and upkeep expenditures along the way. This situation somehow increases the appeal of the rental living.

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Marcus Hiles Emboldens Dallas Locals to Direct on Lifestyle Amenities

At first view, Dallas doesn’t look to have many neighborhood with New York and Los Angeles beyond estimation among the ten sizeable cities in the U.S. Yet, notes Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles, “When you dig a little deeper, it turns out that all three locales have more renters than homeowners.” In fact, 55.9 percent of Dallas households nest in rental housing. Across the country, Americans are increasingly preferring tenancy over home ownership, with the sum of renters projected to grow by at least a half million each year through 2023. Countering to common wisdom, homeowners’ housing expenditures far exceed that paid by renters. While the annual price of rent may pass total house payments for the year, buyers are charged with maintenance support and larger utility payments — making the rental lifestyle even more appealing.

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