For a great many professional people, living in a state-of the art modern apartment in downtown Manhattan with a view of one of the great Texan lakes is a combination that is only witnessed in a flight of fancy or in a dream. Yet, the Estates at Briggs Ranch, for example, created by the vision and innovation of the charismatic entrepreneur Marcus Hiles, have been astonishing the housing development world over recent years by realizing such a vision. With over 25,000 apartments to his name, they have provided luxurious and stylish living to thousands of Americans seeking the ease of urban life with the beautiful surroundings of America’s countryside. What is most striking about these buildings is not only the beautiful and pristine gated communities in which they operate, but how much emphasis has been placed on creating the most attractive interior design.

Indded, all the apartments in The Estates at Briggs Ranch, managed by Western Rim Properties, boast elegant granite kitchens and bathroom counter-tops, complemented with superb wooden flooring. The kitchens are fitted with the latest innovative stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, under-cabinet lighting and sleek chrome features- with real porcelain tiles on the back of the counter-tops. This attention to detail is remarkable and has been featured in numerous articles on Marcus Hiles in the national newspapers. The ceilings in the apartments are between 9-10ft high, offering a spacious yet cozy living environment. The colours further recreate a warm, relaxed and soft atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day’s work.

At the higher end of the apartment market, many come with an outdoor marble jacuzzi tub, perfect for those Spring and Fall evenings with a glass of champagne and a view of the stars unknown to city folk. The Estates project recognizes the importance of living in an attractive and modern furnished home, and how it can greatly improve your personal well-being and happiness- hence their meticulous attention to detail when creating such elegant residences.

What is also hugely important is the sense of community environments like this offer the resident. Spending time with the other residences and enjoying the atmosphere created is integral to ensure a thriving community of happy aspirational individuals, believes Marcus Hiles. Getting the design absolutely perfect is the foundation on which these exciting new complexes are built. Why not visit to learn more about the Mansions located at the TPC San Antonio, TX Luxury Rental Town Homes by Marcus Hiles and Western Rim?